Gnubees is a range of fruit drinks for youth, using real ingredients, non GMO and locally sourced when possible. They use a pouch to cut down on transportation weight. Their original mascot of a Gnu needed an update, and I was asked by their design director to do some character development and design work to refresh the brand.

Check them out here, and get them at Whole Foods.


The final design was a refresh of the original, with the Gnu updated (and he lost his glasses!), with a new bee friend and some fresh produce. Before this decision, I suggested a total redesign to be a more contemporary and fun, with a series of character development sketches and a few ideas mocked-up for packaging.

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I proposed a total redesign for this kid’s drink, but it was a bit of a departure and so they stuck with a design that was closer to the original.

Gnu New.jpg

These images were water-coloured and content selected based on suggestions from the team. Vocabulary was hand lettered and checked by the community for accuracy.

Emma_Segal_INUVIK OL_Tent.jpg

About 20 percent of roughly 3,100 Inuvialuit people speak this language conversationally today, with most also speaking English. This means the project has twin goals: to draw attention to renewable energy options, as well as to help revitalize a declining language
— Sheena Adams, Arctic Energy Alliance (from the Smithsonian article)